Another TDC Collection

by Thomas Pulsifer

With another week of DS106 comes another set of Daily Creates:

Tuesday 10/5: The first TDC I’ve done this week is the prompt asking what we did while Facebook was down. With the crash of Facebook, Instagram, and other Facebook-owned apps and services, there was suddenly a lot of people left searching for something to do. For me, I decided to use that time to work on some homework.

Thursday 10/7: Next up was a prompt to create a design for a new type of bicycle. I felt inspired to make the most absurd yet strangely plausible design for a bicycle I could possibly come up with. I drew this design in Paint.NET.

Friday 10/8: For the last TDC of the week, I responded to the prompt to tell somebody how much they mean to us. I knew right away who I had to express my love for: Tippy! For those who don’t know, Tippy is a cat who often wanders around campus. He has an owner, so don’t worry, he isn’t lost or stray. Whenever I see Tippy, he comes right over for pets. I love Tippy!

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