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A Bizarre Book Cover

by Thomas Pulsifer

Using Alan’s 4-star prompt, I’ve designed my very own weird book cover. What’s more bizarre than a rat in a helmet getting cheese in outer space? This is actually the cover of a real book I’ve written! It’s a children’s book, so it isn’t anything to write home about, but it’s something I put a lot of effort into and am pretty proud of. This book cover was created on an iPad in the drawing app Procreate.

The story follows a family of rats that are starving, and only cheese will do. But the cows refuse to share their cheese, and jokingly tell the rats to go to the Moon and find some of their own. Being the gullible, hard workers they are, the rats begin devising ways they could possibly reach the Moon. After some planning, they decide to stack themselves in a tower that stretches all the way there. As it turns out, the Moon is actually made of cheese, and the rats have a feast. Once they return home, the rats make sure to share their newfound cheese with the cows, teaching them a valuable lesson about sharing.


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