Honest Bloodborne

by Thomas Pulsifer

Following the 4-star assignment laid out by Cooper Graham, I’ve made an honest cover for the video game Bloodborne. As one of my favorite games, it was an easy selection to make. Those who have played Bloodborne will tell you it is NOT an easy game. Bloodborne, along with many other games developed by From Software, are notorious for their difficulty. Some of the bosses in this game will have you questioning your sanity. The phrase “Nothing But Suffering” is a bit of a joke referencing the difficulty of the game, as well as the overall tone of the world and story. Though this may sound negative, I actually love Bloodborne! I created this fake title in Adobe Photoshop by referencing the original title and replicating its style to the best of my ability. Though the text doesn’t look quite as dirty, I think it does a great job of invoking the feeling of the original. I also highly recommend Bloodborne to anyone who’s interested!

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